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The Bay Area has an estimated 28,000 people experiencing homelessness on any given day and California accounts for 25% of the entire U.S. homeless population. The vast majority are unsheltered and seek help from local charities.

Take a moment and explore how these charities are making a difference in the Bay Area by providing shelter and support to the homeless in need.

San Francisco Bay Area Homeless Charity Directory

The restaurants of San Francisco throw out perfectly good unused food everyday. The Food Runners organization has made it their mission to collaborate with over 450 restaurants, caterers, and grocery stores to deliver this food and relieve the hunger of those in poverty.


Since 1987, Food Runners now has over 250 active volunteers that help deliver more than 15 tons of food a week.

Food Runners Charity
  • Food Runners Facebook
  • Food Runners Twitter
  • Food Runners YouTube

Founded in 1985, Project Open Hand has provided San Francisco and Oakland communities with meals, helped individuals recover from illness, and has guided community members to lead healthier lives.


Project Open Hand serves individuals in poverty over 2,500 nutritious meals and 200 bags of groceries per day.

Project Open Hand SF Charity
  • Project Open Hand Facebook
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  • Project Open Hand YouTube
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  • Project Open Hand LinkedIn

Farming Hope provides sustained employment and training in the culinary industry to homeless and low-income people in the San Francisco community.


Since 2016, Farming Hope has provided community, service, and opportunity through urban farming and cooking.

Farming Hope Non-Profit
  • Farming Hope Facebook
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  • Farming Hope Instagram
  • Farming Hope LinkedIn

LifeMoves offers a proven model of support for the homeless in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties by providing case management, job and housing search, child services, and much more.


Since 1987, LifeMoves has been successful in teaching their clients to be financially independent and return to stable housing and a self-sufficient lifestyle.

LifeMoves Charity
  • LifeMoves Facebook
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  • LifeMoves LinkedIn

WeHOPE provides emergency and supportive housing shelter for homeless and at-risk adults in East Palo Alto and surrounding San Mateo County and Santa Clara County communities.


WeHOPE also offers many resources and services such as the mobile hygiene outreach and jobs training program.

WeHOPE Palo Alto Charity
  • WeHOPE Facebook
  • WeHOPE Twitter
  • WeHOPE YouTube
  • WeHOPE Instagram

Project Homeless Connect strengthens and utilizes collaborations with city agencies, businesses, and organizations. They provide comprehensive holistic services for at-risk homeless and current homeless individuals.


Since 2004, Project Homeless Connect has provided hair cuts, hearing tests, mental health services, and much more for over 1,300 individuals.

Project Homeless Connect San Francisco
  • Project Homeless Connect Facebook
  • Project Homeless Connect Twitter
  • Project Homeless Connect YouTube

Founded in 1985, Hamilton Families has provided shelter, transitional housing, and child services for families experiencing homelessness in the Bay Area.


Hamilton Families provides three square meals a day and social services for 50 families a night; furthermore, they assist families in housing search, temporary rent assistance, case management, and job search.

Hamilton Families Homeless Nonprofit
  • Hamilton Families Facebook
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  • Hamilton Families LinkedIn

Since 1971, Raphael House has made it their mission to help at risk families achieve a stable income and financial independence through personalized family-centered solutions.


Raphael House’s residential shelter serves an average of 51 families each year and 85% of families achieve stable housing through this effective program.

Raphael House San Francisco Nonprofit
  • Raphael House Facebook
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  • Raphael House LinkedIn

For over 100 years, Compass Family Services has led the way in guiding San Francisco families in becoming self-sufficient.


By providing shelter, 18 month transitional housing, and a childhood education center, Compass Family Services has helped over 95% of the families they work with succeed in life.

Compass Family Services SF Charity
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SF-Marin Food Bank’s vision is for everyone in their communities to have proper nutritious meals that would support the health and well-being of each individual.


SF-Marin Food Bank delivers groceries to 225,000 people every year at over 260 pantries in San Francisco and Marin Counties. SF-Marin Food Bank is on a mission to provide as much fresh produce as possible.

SF-Marin Food Bank
  • SF-Marin Food Bank Facebook
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  • SF-Marin Food Bank YouTube
  • SF-Marin Food Bank Instagram

In the San Francisco Tenderloin District, St. Anthony’s feeds, shelters, clothes and provides valuable nourishment to the homeless.


Guided by the Franciscan values of healing, community, personalism, justice, and gratitude, St. Anthony’s has served vulnerable populations since 1950. They provide 2,400 meals a day, clean clothing, and addiction recovery services.

St. Anthony's Homeless Charity
  • St. Anthony's Facebook
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  • St. Anthony's YouTube
  • St. Anthony's Instagram
  • St. Anthony's LinkedIn

Since 1974, the dedicated staff and volunteers of Samaritan House have provided food, access to shelter, and healthcare to the homeless of San Mateo county.


Samaritan House delivers 756,000 meals annually, provides short term housing and two free medical and dental clinics. Samaritan House empowers people with financial resources to guide them toward a more stable and successful future.

Samaritan House San Mateo Homeless
  • Samaritan House Facebook
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  • Samaritan House LinkedIn

Since 2006, DISH has provided high-quality, permanent housing to San Franciscans who suffer from serious health issues.


DISH provides housing to 450 formally homeless individuals at six housing sites in San Francisco while promoting well-being through health education, yoga, and art activities.

Delivering Innovation in Supportive Housing
  • Delivering Innovation in Supportive Housing Facebook
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Since 1971, BOSS has been guiding the homeless, poor, and disabled towards a more healthy and self-sufficient lifestyle.


BOSS has helped many homeless individuals achieve a more stable income, housing, and lasting wellness with access to emergency shelter, supported independent living, and other services.

Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency
  • Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency Facebook
  • Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency Twitter
  • Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency YouTube
  • Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency Instagram
  • Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency LinkedIn

The mission of the St. Vincent De Paul Society is to directly offer hope and service to those in poverty. Since 1860, St. Vincent de Paul Society has worked to break the cycles of homelessness and domestic violence.


St. Vincent de Paul Society continues to improve the lives of over 1,000 people a day through financial support, emotional and spiritual guidance, and by providing basic necessities such as food and shelter.

St. Vincent De Paul of San Francisco
  • St. Vincent De Paul of San Francisco Facebook
  • St. Vincent De Paul of San Francisco Twitter
  • St. Vincent De Paul of San Francisco YouTube
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  • St. Vincent De Paul of San Francisco LinkedIn

Episcopal Community Services (ECS) provides essential services to individuals and families experiencing homelessness in San Francisco since 1983, utilizing a holistic approach that addresses the multiple causes leading to homelessness.


ECS serves more than 13,000 people each year offering food, shelter, job training, counseling and education to improve the San Francisco community.

Episcopal Community Services San Francisco
  • Episcopal Community Services Facebook
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  • Episcopal Community Services LinkedIn

Glide has formed an inclusive community to alleviate suffering and break the cycles of poverty, homelessness, drug use, and family crisis.


Glide provides over 2,000 daily meals per day, family support services, and leadership training to support people along pathways toward stabilization and self-sufficiency.

Glide Homeless Charity
  • Glide Facebook
  • Glide Twitter
  • Glide YouTube
  • Glide Instagram
  • Glide LinkedIn

Downtown Streets Team provides homeless individuals with the opportunity to engage in beautification projects such as street cleaning and creek restoration.


Downtown Streets Team challenges Team Members to take an active role in their own recovery and also empowers them to create long-term solutions which can lead to full-time job placement and housing.

Downtown Streets Team Bay Area Homeless Charity
  • Downtown Streets Team Facebook
  • Downtown Streets Team Twitter
  • Downtown Streets Team YouTube
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  • Downtown Streets Team LinkedIn

Simply the Basics mission is to improve and sustain the overall health and wellbeing of low income communities and those experiencing homelessness by providing easy access to hygiene products such as socks, soap, lotion, sanitizing wipes, and much more.

Simply the Basics seeks to save nonprofits time and resources by managing, securing, and redistributing their in-kind and hygiene related needs, allowing them to focus their time on clients and their Mission.

Simply the Basics Bay Area Homeless Nonprofit
  • Simply the Basics Facebook
  • Simply the Basics Twitter
  • Simply the Basics YouTube
  • Simply the Basics Instagram
  • Simply the Basics LinkedIn

Emeryville Citizens Assistance Program's mission is to provide food, household furnishings, care, and compassion to those in need throughout Emeryville and surrounding communities.


For over 30 years, ECAP has been provided coats, blankets, household items, referral information, and has feed more than 18,000 people fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and packaged food every month.

Emeryville Citizens Assistance Program
  • Emeryville Citizens Assistance Program Facebook
  • Emeryville Citizens Assistance Program YouTube
  • Emeryville Citizens Assistance Program Instagram

For over 40 years, HomeFirst has been a leading provider of services, shelter, and housing opportunities to the homeless and those at risk of homelessness in Santa Clara County.


HomeFirst provides transitional, emergency interim, and permanent housing for more than 6,000 individuals each year. HomeFirst also offers an outreach program in which their team distributes necessary supplies and information to those who are unsheltered in San Jose.

HomeFirst Santa Clara Homeless Charity
  • HomeFirst Facebook
  • HomeFirst Twitter
  • HomeFirst YouTube
  • HomeFirst Instagram

For over 35 years, Alameda County Community Food Bank has distributed millions of healthy meals every year and are on the forefront of new approaches to ending hunger and poverty.


Alameda Food Bank partners with over 350 agencies and together they provide a comprehensive approach to delivering basic necessities on a massive scale in order to tackle food insecurity and its harmful effects.

Alameda County Food Bank
  • Alameda County Food Bank Facebook
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  • Alameda County Food Bank LinkedIn

Second Harvest provides food to an average of 500,000 kids, families, and seniors every month at drive-thru and walk-up sites across Santa Clara and San Mateo counties through their programs and an expansive network of over 300 nonprofit partners.


Founded in 1974, Second Harvest grocery programs offer free nutritious groceries and fresh produce to anyone in need and also connects people to federal nutrition programs, other food resources, and advocates for anti-hunger policies on the local, state and national levels.

Second Harvest of Silicon Valley
  • Second Harvest of Silicon Valley Facebook
  • Second Harvest of Silicon Valley Twitter
  • Second Harvest of Silicon Valley YouTube

City Team's mission is to restore lives and rebuild communities through innovative programs which provide food, shelter, clothing, training, and spiritual transformation.


For over 20 years, City Team has offered help and hope to our neighbors in need with hot meals, groceries, housing and restorative programs, learning and career help, discovery Bible studies, and more.

City Team Homeless Outreach
  • City Team Facebook
  • City Team Twitter
  • City Team YouTube
  • City Team Instagram

Destination: Home serves as a convener, working with partners to develop and fund strategies for homelessness reduction, and promote outcome-driven housing and service models in Santa Clara County.


Since 2015, Destination: Home has taken significant steps towards addressing homelessness in the community by helping connect more than 14,000 individuals to permanent housing. 

Destination Home Santa Clara County Homeless
  • Destination Home Facebook
  • Destination Home Twitter
  • Destination Home YouTube
  • Destination Home Instagram
  • Destination Home LinkedIn

Hunger at Home serves as a conduit between the business and nonprofit communities to channel excess food and surplus goods such as towels, blankets, and hygiene kits to homeless and hungry individuals and families throughout Silicon Valley.

Hunger at Home partners with local convention centers, hotels, and sports stadiums to collect the excess food and goods to distribute through a robust nonprofit network.

Hunger at Home Silicon Valley Homeless Nonprofit
  • Hunger at Home Facebook
  • Hunger at Home Twitter
  • Hunger at Home YouTube
  • Hunger at Home Instagram

Loaves & Fishes provides hot and nutritious prepared meals to the homeless and underserved communities throughout Santa Clara and San Mateo County.

Founded in 1980, Loaves & Fishes has provided over 9 million meals and now serves over 1.4 million meals annually in order to remove the barriers to hunger relief in the Bay Area.

Loaves & Fishes Bay Area Charity
  • Loaves & Fishes Facebook
  • Loaves & Fishes Twitter
  • Loaves & Fishes YouTube
  • Loaves & Fishes Instagram
  • Loaves & Fishes LinkedIn

West Valley Community Services offers comprehensive programs free of charge to low income and homeless families in the west valley region of Santa Clara County.

Founded in 1973, West Valley Community Services provides a continuum of basic needs, including an in-house and mobile food pantry, homeless support, affordable housing, emergency financial assistance, family support, referrals, education, and case management.

West Valley Community Services
  • West Valley Community Services Facebook
  • West Valley Community Services Twitter
  • West Valley Community Services YouTube
  • West Valley Community Services Instagram
  • West Valley Community Services LinkedIn

Sunnyvale Community Services mission is to prevent homelessness and hunger in Santa Clara County. SCS addresses critical needs to help low-income families who are often one bill away from hunger and homelessness.

SCS distributes over 900 tons of nutritious food year-round and assists low-income individuals with financial support for rent, security deposits, utility bills, car repairs, and gift cards for immediate family needs.

Sunnyvale Community Services Homeless Nonprofit
  • Sunnyvale Community Services Facebook
  • Sunnyvale Community Services Twitter
  • Sunnyvale Community Services YouTube
  • Sunnyvale Community Services Instagram
  • Sunnyvale Community Services LinkedIn

Bay Area Rescue Mission improves the well-being of those experiencing homelessness by offering transformational programs focusing on long-term recovery which provides a stable, independent tomorrow.

Since 1965, Bay Area Rescue Mission has distributed daily essentials such as food, shelter, clothing, and other critical care. The Rescue Mission also offers faith-based programs, job placement, and medical assistance.

Bay Area Rescue Mission Charity
  • Bay Area Rescue Mission Facebook
  • Bay Area Rescue Mission Twitter
  • Bay Area Rescue Mission YouTube
  • Bay Area Rescue Mission Instagram

Opening Doors mission is to reduce generational poverty in Santa Clara County by educating and connecting the homeless to vital safety net services throughout the community.

Founded in 2020, Opening Doors provides meals, clothing, housing assistance, referrals, and community education.

Opening Doors Homeless Nonprofit
  • Opening Doors Facebook
  • Opening Doors YouTube
  • Opening Doors Instagram

Homeward Bound of Marin is the primary provider of Marin County homeless shelters and services for homeless families and individuals in Marin.


Homeward Bound operates an emergency shelter and offers a Family Services Program which includes counseling, parenting workshops, homework help, children’s activities, and help with finding child care, accessing health care, pursuing educational goals or job training, and securing long-term housing.

Homeward Bound of Marin Homeless Charity
  • Homeward Bound of Marin Facebook
  • Homeward Bound of Marin Twitter
  • Homeward Bound of Marin YouTube
  • Homeward Bound of Marin Instagram

White Pony Express seeks to end hunger and poverty in Contra Costa County by delivering the abundant food all around us to those in need.

White Pony Express serves 120,000 people each year through 80 partner agencies by rescuing and delivering more than 18 million pounds of nutritious food from retail establishments, commercial distributors, and professional kitchens.

White Pony Express Plesant Hill
  • White Pony Express Facebook
  • White Pony Express Twitter
  • White Pony Express YouTube
  • White Pony Express Instagram

Founded in 1966, GRIP provides a safe and nourishing place that helps transform those who are unsheltered and in need move toward self-sufficiency.


GRIP offers emergency shelter and housing for families along with case management, meals, basic needs, and training opportunities to homeless, hungry, and disenfranchised people in the greater Richmond area.

  • Greater Richmond Interfaith Program Facebook
  • Greater Richmond Interfaith Program Twitter
  • Greater Richmond Interfaith Program YouTube

Founded in 1976, Ritter Center’s mission is to prevent and resolve homelessness and improve the health, dignity and well-being of people living in poverty in Marin County.

Ritter Center provides medical, behavioral health, housing, food services, and more to Marin County residents experiencing economic insecurity and homelessness.

Ritter Center.png
  • Ritter Center Facebook
  • Ritter Center Twitter
  • Ritter Center YouTube
  • Ritter Center Instagram
  • Ritter Center LinkedIn

EHP assists families and individuals who are experiencing economic and personal hardship by providing food, clothing, household essentials, and support to sustain them through immediate crises and help them regain stability and independence.

EHP serves working families, seniors, people with limited incomes and those who have both emergency and on-going needs in East Palo Alto, Menlo Park and surrounding communities.

EHP Cares.png
  • Ecumenical Hunger Program Facebook
  • Ecumenical Hunger Program Twitter
  • Ecumenical Hunger Program YouTube
  • Ecumenical Hunger Program Instagram
  • Ecumenical Hunger Program LinkedIn

PATH San Jose helps local homeless individuals rebuild their lives and move into permanent apartments by providing integrated services that lead to self-sufficiency.


Since 2015, PATH San Jose has been helping people find permanent housing and provide case management, medical and mental healthcare, benefits advocacy, employment training, and many other services.

PATH San Jose.png
  • PATH San Jose Facebook
  • PATH San Jose Twitter
  • PATH San Jose YouTube
  • PATH San Jose Instagram
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