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In San Francisco, 25% of senior citizens live at or below the poverty line which makes the choice difficult between food and medicine. Seniors report loneliness as the biggest issue while financial hardships only compound the problem.


Take a moment and explore how these charities are making a difference in the Bay Area by providing housing, food, integrated health care, and case management support to seniors in need.

San Francisco Bay Area Seniors Charity Directory

Founded in 1991, Art With Elders provides 2,000 art classes each year for more than 400 seniors in long-term care communities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.


Art With Elders conducts weekly classes where elders gather in small groups to learn new skills, create art, and build positive relationships with their peers.

Art with Elders Charity
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  • Art with Elders YouTube

Since 1990, Little Brother-Friends of the Elderly has made it their mission to relieve the isolation and loneliness among the elderly in our community.


Little Brother-Friends of the Elderly offers social functions, holiday visits, and special excursions for the elderly throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly San Francisco
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Groceries for Seniors provides free food to poor, elderly people in San Francisco, allowing them to use what little money they have to stay healthy and remain an integral part of the community.


Since 1999, Groceries for Seniors has offered medicine and meals for 1,000 seniors every week and without this help, many of our elderly neighbors would go hungry.

Groceries for Seniors San Francisco Charity
  • Groceries for Seniors San Francisco Facebook

Founded in 1980, Love is the Answer has provided social life to the elderly and disabled in skilled nursing homes in Contra Costa County.


LITA offers organized events for the elderly to socialize such as pet visits, live music, and a variety of live performers to heal the loneliness seniors face daily.

Love is the Answer Contra Costa
  • Love is the Answer Contra Costa Facebook

Formed in 2020, Acts Senior Assistance helps senior citizens get the care they need but cannot afford, and supports families that have taken on the responsibilities of caring for their loved ones at the expense of their own quality of life.

Acts Senior Assistance.png
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Founded over 170 years ago, Little Sisters of the Poor provides a community of social interaction amongst the elderly of San Francisco promoting spirit, love, and respect.


Little Sisters of the Poor considers the “whole person” and attends to their physical and medical needs as well as their emotional, spiritual and social life.

Little Sisters of the Poor.png

Since 1970, Meals on Wheels has provided a network of services that allows thousands of seniors to live in their homes with dignity and independence as long as possible.


Meals on Wheels offers meals and daily safety checks for homebound seniors which reduces the risk associated with loneliness, depression, and falls. Meals on Wheels offers two home-delivered meals a day, 7 days a week, that are nutritionally-tailored to meet the dietary needs of seniors.

 Meals on Wheels
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Vivalon provides specialized transportation, affordable meals, educational classes and multicultural gatherings for senior citizens in San Rafael and the surrounding San Francisco Bay Area.


Through teamwork, service, and respect, Vivalon is dedicated to the happiness and sense of well-being for the eldest in our community.

Vivalon SF Seniors
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Founded in 1992, St. Mary’s Center continues to strengthen and empower the elderly community by serving more than 1,000 seniors every year with hope, justice, and healing.


St. Mary’s Center answers basic needs for at-risk seniors through counseling, shelter, nutrition, advocacy, and social support.

St Marys Center.png
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Bayanihan Equity Center assists seniors and veterans by providing case management, counseling, health services, and transportation assistance.


BEC is an advocate for senior and veteran equity, affordable housing, access to culturally sensitive services for low income individuals and families, and other issues that impact the community.

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Since 1966, Self-Help for the Elderly has provided assistance and support to seniors in the San Francisco area by promoting independence, dignity, and self-worth.


Self-Help for the Elderly offers services and companionship such as bingo, birthday parties, calligraphy class, and discussion groups to help guide seniors to wellness and happiness.

Self Help for the Elderly
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On Lok’s mission is to enable seniors to maintain a quality of life that lets them live in their communities where they can lead independent, active lives for as long as possible.


Since 1971, On Lok has supported the elderly by providing full-service healthcare programs that include medical, homecare, transportation, meals, and social services.

On Lok
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Avenidas supports and celebrates senior citizens from the mid-Peninsula by providing a wide range of programs that include health and wellness, transportation, and social work services.


Since 1969, Avenidas has enriched the lives of more than 7,500 seniors and their families each year by promoting health and well-being.

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The mission of Golden Gate Senior Services is to provide programs and services to San Francisco seniors, particularly those underserved, within an accessible and welcoming atmosphere.


Since 1975, Golden Gate Senior Services has been at the forefront of providing high-quality services that include computer instruction, exercise education, cooking classes, movies, and community trips.

Golden Gate Seniors.png
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San Francisco Village offers senior citizens access to educational and social events, volunteer help, and expertise for navigating the transitions that come with aging.


Since 2009, SF Village has fostered connections that engage older San Franciscans, whether by mentoring a young person, tackling the latest technology, or simply sharing personal stories with one another.

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  • YouTube

Since 1947, SF Senior Center’s mission is to help seniors retain their independence and dignity by providing healthy living and lifelong learning.


SFSC offers powerful programs and outstanding opportunities for seniors in the San Francisco Bay Area including art classes, support groups, exercise and fitness, and more.

 San Francisco Senior Center
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Legal Assistance to the Elderly’s mission is to provide free legal services to elders who are at risk of losing their housing, healthcare or income, or are victims of physical or financial abuse.


LAE provides free full-scope representation to elderly residents, many on limited incomes, who urgently need assistance.

 Legal Assistance to the Elderly
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Since 1971, Kimochi has provided services to over 3,000 Bay Area seniors in the Japanese community each year.


Kimochi offers many valuable services such as transportation, health education seminars, 24-hour residential and respite care, senior center activities, and home delivered meals.

Kimochi Bay Area
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Institute on Aging enhances the quality of life for Bay Area seniors by enabling them to maintain their health, well-being, independence and participation in the community.

IOA provides innovative, community-based programs that enable seniors to live at home for as long as possible. IOA serves as an essential partner in the continuum of care by providing health services, social and emotional support, and education and advocacy.

Institute on Aging.png
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Founded in 1998, Openhouse works to center the voices and experiences of LGBTQ+ seniors by providing opportunities to make social connections and build community.


Openhouse offers case management, housing assistance, wellness services, and a resource center for LGBTQ+ senior citizens.

  • Openhouse Facebook
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  • Openhouse Instagram

Senior Advocacy Services advocates for the rights and dignity of senior citizens experiencing health and aging challenges by offering specialized information, resources, and assistance programs.

Senior Advocacy Services provides programs such as Long Term Care Ombudsman, Elder Justice, and Medicare Health Insurance Counseling and advocacy Program (HICAP) at no cost to the client.

Senior Advocacy Services.png
  • Senior Advocacy Services Facebook
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  • Senior Advocacy Services LinkedIn

Heart of the Valley is committed to facilitating, advocating and supporting independent living for seniors residing in West Santa Clara Valley by offering services and programs that enable independence.

Heart of the Valley services include escorted transportation, handyman work, light yard work, help with house projects, paperwork, shopping, errands, friendly visits, computer assistance, and more.

Heart of the Valley Services for Seniors
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Hope Services offers a variety of opportunities for seniors with developmental disabilities to stay active and experience an array of retirement alternatives, on site or in their communities.

Hope Services provides senior programs in San Jose and Aptos giving participants the opportunity to interact, socialize, and enjoy educational and recreational activities.

Hope Services Senior Nonprofit
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Empowered Aging provides seniors and their families integrated programs to help navigate the aging continuum through person-centered advocacy, education, and collaborative leadership.

Empowered Aging offers seniors throughout the East Bay access to new technology, friendly visits, legal assistance, social services, and more.

Empowered Aging Senior Charity
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Bread & Roses Presents offers hope, healing, and joy through live music and the performing arts to seniors who are disadvantaged, marginalized, or otherwise isolated.

Bread & Roses produce free, live music and entertainment for seniors to experience the uplifting power of the arts in assisted living, hospice, and homeless shelter locations.

Bread & Roses Presents Senior Charity
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Founded in 1977, Florence Douglas Center is a multi-purpose service center that provides over 50 regular programs to Vallejo seniors.

Florence Douglas Center offers social, educational, recreational, health, nutritional and consumer advice, counseling, and activities to senior citizens along with referral services throughout Solano County.

Florence Douglas Center.png
  • Florence Douglas Center Facebook
  • Florence Douglas Center YouTube

For more than 45 years Curry Senior Center has led the way in providing essential services to the elderly in the heart of San Francisco with the mission of promoting wellness, dignity, and independence.


Curry Senior Center offers meals, housing, and social programs through a holistic care approach to over 2,000 low income and homeless seniors a year.

Curry Senior Center San Francisco
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