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Bay Area Girl Scouts Lend a Helping Hand

Girl Scouts from troop 61707 visited the Bay Area site this Summer to help with puppy socialization and a few volunteer activities. They generously donated a variety of supplies for the volunteer projects, including blank cards, wooden letters, and envelopes. The Girl Scouts helped to write thank you’s for Warriors, create snuffle mats for Service Dogs-In-Training, and to paint the wooden PAWS 4 PH letters for tabling. The girls worked in small groups switching between the stations to each put their creative touch into each project.

Their efforts to create memorable thank you cards and beautifully painted letters have already helped to bring an amazing personalized touch to our encounters with Warriors. They were also helpful in visiting with puppy-in-training, Oakley, in order to help him socialize. The troops’ generosity, however, did not end there! They also graciously donated a bag of dog food and toys to our site.

We are grateful to Girl Scout Troop 61707 and their continual support of our Bay Area site. The troop previously ran an extremely successful Toy Drive, donating over 100 dog toys, bones, harnesses, and other helpful items for the dogs. They also took their time to hand make 37 paracord keychains for staff, training, Puppy Parents, and Warriors to use. Their time and commitment to assisting our cause has helped us immensely and we can’t express our gratitude enough!

Interested in making an impact on Warriors? Our supporters are the reason we are able to do what we do. Consider making a monetary donation or shopping our Amazon Wishlist to make an impact today. Helping us to spread the word of our mission is an effective way to help those in need of our programs and services learn about us. Interacting on our Facebook or Instagram posts is a great way to help us spread the word!

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