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San Francisco non-profit aims to empower homeless through farm-to-table training

San Francisco nonprofit empowers homeless with work program

A non-profit in San Francisco is working to provide a second chance to those who are in need. The organization "Farming Hope" teaches culinary skills to people formerly homeless or incarcerated.

"We train folks who used to be homeless or incarcerated, so they can get management track jobs in food service," said Executive Director Jamie Stark.

Farming Hope is based inside of Manny's located at 3092 16th Street.

Apprentices are paid $15 an hour over the three-month course and work 26 hours a week. The course teaches them everything there is to know about farm-to-table cooking.

"Moving beyond just the handing out, but really giving you a skill, giving you the ability to do something," said Farming Hope Apprentice Kahtan Alamery. "If you work in a kitchen, you can take that with you wherever you are."

Another participant, Ronnie Napuran, said he loves the farm-to-table concept. "I like getting my hands dirty, putting seeds in there, planting and then harvesting. Then bringing it in the kitchen," he said.

Farming Hope has graduated 11 apprentices and all of them have secured a job at the end of the program. "We work with grocery stores, tech companies, restaurants to train people who need work and want to contribute," Stark said.

The non-profit said it wants to empower and employ people out of poverty by rebuilding trust and a commitment to those underserved, overlooked, but not forgotten.

Source: KTVU

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