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SF animal center offering free dog adoptions after reaching maximum capacity

San Francisco Animal Care and Control has reached maximum capacity and are urging the public to adopt their dogs.

The animal center advises those who are looking to bring their dog in to wait until this weekend. The staff is currently working to move dogs to other adoption centers.

Most of the dogs at the shelter are owned and have been at the shelter for long period of time due to several reasons, including owners being hospitalized or dead, cruelty investigations, domestic violence protective custody and hoarding cases.

“Protecting these dogs is part of our work here, and our work is never-ending,” the animal center said.

If you are looking to open your home to a furry friend, visit the San Francisco Animal Care and Control’s website here. Dog adoption fees are waived through the month of August.

Below are some of the dogs available for adoption.

Source: Kron 4 News

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